Nutrition Tank – 12/10/2020 – Construction 1

Starting with the water tank (a styrofoam box), I found DIY videos demonstrating 2 techniques for creating a vortex.

Magnetic Stirrer


I am starting with the drain technique because in the future I wish to incorporate the Peltier chillers as well. We use a pump to move water into an overhead bottle that will drain into the larger container filled with water. Here are some pictures of the early construction.

So, I have a small vortex. Through experimentation, I found the vortex disappears if the water level is to high. You can see I have a small metal manifold inline with the tube. This will be used later in an idea I have to cool the water using thermoelectric Peltier devices. Also, the cardboard here is kind of flimsy so I will need better materials. During the experiment, also noticed the water absorbs into and leaks from the bottom of the Styrofoam box. I want to keep the Styrofoam as an insulator as I cool the water.

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