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Nutrition Tank

Drone Motor Control


electronics & software

Nutrition Tank – 02/15/2021 – Drilling Glass

There is a need to improve my ability to work with glass. I found out that you can drill holes in glass using diamond grit hole cutting drill bits. I found some online and a glass bottle to practice on. The important thing here is to do this under water. I heard their is an…

FPGA buck-boost – 02/11/2021 – QML controlling FPGA

At this point I want to start controlling the PWM with a more elegant UI. One way to do this is using QT. QML is a IDE/language/designer built with embedded devices in mind. I like QT Quick because it has a well defined separation of view and c-code. QML is very responsive and works with…

FPGA buck-boost – 02/07/2021 – SPI with FPGA

Having some initial luck learning to program in VHDL, it is time to take on the next challenge. Being able to communicate between our FPGA and a micro-controller is essential to more complex systems where I would actually use an FPGA. I am trying to master this with DMA, so I can store and send…

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