Drone Motor Control

PROJECT SOURCE CODE = https://github.com/MichaelPatrickMcGuireJr/drone_motor_control


Gantt Chart


Drones are amazing. Their uses are limitless, and they have the potential of revolutionizing society. Because of this I am drawn to learn more about them, to grasp how they work and how they can evolve.


Arduino Nano v3, HW30A, 3590S-2-103L, A2212, GNB 11.4V 300mAh, GY-91


Drone Motor Control – 12/13/2020 – Test Stand

Drone Motor Control – 12/14/2020 – Electronics PCB Connector

Drone Motor Control – 12/19/2020 – read GY-91 w/ I2C

Drone Motor Control – 12/21/2020 – Vibration Issue

Drone Motor Control – 12/28/2020 – PID control

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