PROJECT SOURCE CODE = padsp signalgen -v -s 88200 sin 396

Gantt Chart


Cymatics is the study of visible sound and vibration, which is a subset of modal phenomena. Specifically water because of the positive effects observed from drinking water of better quality. There may be an existential connection with the loving connection made from this phenomena. Their is still much we do not know, so alongside and with guidance from my friends at The Water Brewery We move forward along this journey.

I have watched many videos showing how water changes water, in both molecular and macro scales. Water takes on many forms and is responsible for the very life found on our planet. Their are hydrophobic and hydrophilic reactions that create the membranes and create vacuoles where biochemistry takes place. Water is the to many of the reactions, and itself changes shape near such structures sometimes taking on a phase where it is more in tune with H4O3, more dense and oxygen packed.

We are starting with the aesthetic beauty of water being played the Solfeggio relating to your chakras. These can form sacred geometries in the water such as in chanting the Om mantra. Here, a youtube video demonstrating some of the ways people manipulate water with sound in fun ways.


Test Stand, WX-DC2412, LM1875T, HP ENVY x360, Pan and Water


12/1/2020 – building the stand

12/3/2020 – experimentation

02/04/2021 – adding more power

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