Cymatics – 02/04/2021 – adding more power

We needed to get more power, so went back and bought a pre-amplifier and a couple new power amplifiers. Also, did some re-wiring, adding proper connectors on the speakers. The results were interesting. actually made the water jump at 174Hz

and, finding the higher frequencies have less visible effects on the water. Even so, I would like to study the effects on mixing liquids, perhaps mixing hydrophobic vs hydrophilic.

And a few photos, looking at the quality of the sound with an oscilloscope connect to the terminals of the speaker. These are signals from my laptop as the source, into a vacuum tube pre-amplifier, into a d-class power amplifier. The D-class amplifier uses a switching mechanism to be more efficient, the A-class amplifier uses analog methods producing more heat but high quality signals. I have yet to experiment with A-class amplifiers.

For the next rounds, I will get a couple new speakers, which I would also like to try wiring in BTL bridged mode. Also, looking for a better design in stand construction.

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