Nutrition Tank – 02/15/2021 – Drilling Glass

There is a need to improve my ability to work with glass. I found out that you can drill holes in glass using diamond grit hole cutting drill bits. I found some online and a glass bottle to practice on. The important thing here is to do this under water. I heard their is an actual chemical reaction between the glass and the water allowing the cutting to go more smoothly. Here is a video from the Action Lab on Youtube showing that you can actually cut glass with scissors under water

Pretty amazing. So, a quick look at my tools and the resulting vortex I now have with a nicely holed glass bottle.

And some cleaner vortex’s

It’s apparent from my experiments that I need to have a way to control the flow of water from the tank. In my next steps, I will buy a pump that is a little bit stronger, also, build a controller using an arduino, resistor pot, and transistor to make an adjustable PWM that will allow me to control the power going to the pump

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