Nutrition Tank – 12/11/2020 – Construction 2

It was obvious that we needed to improve on our construction materials. Carboard box is rather flimsy, and the water bottle would lean sideways. I went to Michael’s and boosted some of my crafting supplies, as well as some tools to improve on build quality.

Also, looking forward, an important aspect of watering plants is keeping the PH at a constant level. In order to do this I need to monitor the PH, making adjustments in a systematic way. I picked up a PH sensor, and 2 Paristaltic pumps. The plan is to add PH-up or PH-down solution to the water depending on the readings from the sensor. I am using an Arduino Nano to monitor the reading and control pump flow. The Nano reads the PH with an analog input, and controls the pump via a PWM. I created a circuit and put things together to prepare for writing software that would both take all of these reading and control the peristaltic dousing pumps.

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