Drone Motor Control – 12/13/2020 – Test Stand

Starting from scratch and a limited budget I decided to buy a motor, batteries, and an XPS to programmatically adjust the speed of a standard propeller, to get a gyroscope to tinker with rudimentary PID feedback, and to build a test stand to tinker with and learn motion control.

Now, to start putting things together. The stand is just a way to hold everything together and allow for lift generated from the spinning propeller. I thought, let’s start easier and simply control speed with a resistor pot. I took the 5V signal generated by the XPS, and ran it through a resistor pot, and took an analog reading using an Arduino Nano.

I am using wood glue, that’s just a paint stick, some through away aluminum rod from a vertical window shade. I really don’t have much money to spend here, but that’s not going to stop me.

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