Drone Motor Control – 12/14/2020 – Electronics PCB Connector

At this point I am wanting to learn about making my own custom circuits. I know already how to design and make Gerber files to order online, but lead time is a minumum of a few days. Thinking ahead that I want to learn new things and do more prototyping faster; I decide to etch my first board. I can design and etch a board in less than a day! 🙂

My first board. I messed it up. While exporting the Gerber, switching from PDF to a GIMP file to align the holes in the Drill File. Anyways, did it over again and it works! of course, another uhoh, the propeller spins the wrong direction causing the arm of the test stand to be pushed down instead of up…

You can change the direction the propeller spins by flipping 2 of the 3 wires in the connector between the XPS and motor. It takes off!!!

I secured the Nano with some extremely small metric screws since then. The next task at hand is to control motor speed with the gyroscope instead of the resistor pot. The goal is to have the propeller speed continually readjust to hold itself level instead of manually controlling speed with the resistor pot.

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