Cymatics – 12/1/2020 – building the stand

Building a way forward to play frequencies through water and see these effects is non-trivial. First you must generate the sound. I have found a command in using Linux to generate pure tones.

padsp signalgen -v -s 88200 sin 396

This command generates a 396 Hz frequency, sampled at 88200 Hz. I send this signal to be amplified. I have tried a couple weaker amplifiers but the did not cause much visual effect in the water. From humble beginnings, we sourced our first speakers and materials to experiment with…

We quickly followed up with a nice stand, some lighting, and a higher quality plate…

You can see we fastened the speaker to the pan, and have now added light to illuminate our videoing of the effects we are working to generate. We also added a mechanism to lift the speak so that it is closer to and in contact with the holding pan.

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