Nutrition Tank – 12/18/2020 – Tasks

Nutrition Tank

TODO list

  1. Improve how Ph-up and Ph-down bottles are secured under the tier
  2. Establish communication between Ph/TEMP sensor module and Arduino Nano

  1. Super glue, awesome stuff
    • going to scrub the glue off one of the little containers as well. These are old vape juice bottles. I modified the caps a bit with pliers.

2. This particular PH sensor module is the PH-4502C. Their are 2 steps to calibrating this sensor. First, to center the reading within the range of 0-5V. I followed the instructions found here

The offset didn’t make it all the way down to 2.5V, and seemingly to hover at 2.7V. I will verify the sensor is working correctly with calibration fluid as soon as my 12V power supply arrives from Amazon. Waiting for supplies, then I will hook everything up and test the perstaltic pumps in circuit as well.

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