FPGA buck-boost – 01/27/2021 – programming FPGA

In order to write code for this device, I installed the Quartus II v. 13.0sp1, using the web edition because it is free. I installed this to my Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS. I am using the 64bit version so, after placing the bin directory in my PATH I have to type quartus –64bit in the terminal. Things are running pretty smooth up to this point.

To upload compiled code to the cyclone II FPGA I bought an ALTERA USB Blaster.

This is where I began running into major issues, uploading the code from my Ubuntu machine. To begin, I uploaded everything to my windows machine, including drivers for the USB Blaster. Everything worked out, and I was able to upload the code and these tests prove the device does work. Still, I develop on my linux box so this give me an opportunity to dig deeper into the USB driver.

These are some of the error messages I am running up against.

I tried looking on wireshark as well

Going to see if I can use some forums where I can find some help. So far I have written to




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